Ethan Shearer

About me

My name is Ethan Shearer and I am a Software Developer based in Sydney, Australia.

With a passion for turning business problems into software solutions, I design and develop websites and applications in Python and Django.

Utilising my experience in the fintech, online education, and events management industries, I have acted as a key contributor across the development lifecycle.

My experience includes:

  • Building API's and API integrations
  • Developing chatbots and webpages
  • Database design and maintenance
  • Software design, documentation and development
  • Debugging, testing and deployment of code

I am currently employed as a Python engineer at Douugh, a neo bank utilising AI to track user expenses.


Front End
  • HTML,
  • CSS,
  • Bootstrap,
  • Javascript,
  • VueJS,
  • React
Development Tools
  • Git,
  • NPM,
  • Yarn,
  • Linux,
  • SSH,
Back End
  • Python,
  • Flask,
  • Django,
  • Celery
  • NodeJS,
  • PostgreSQL
  • Linux,
  • Nginx,
  • Docker,
  • Gunicorn,
  • Azure,
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Digital Ocean